Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Melancholy ascends as I keep my dresses away, one by one. Winter is overhead. Mother is stacking tracksuits in my closet. Tears. She's been telling me to dress safe. "Wear tracksuits to college every day. You don't want to fall sick." Are you sending me to war, mother? You know I am not strong enough (physically and mentally) for that. Also, tracksuits are only (perhaps) worn on Mondays in order to mourn the sudden demise of the weekend which rises from the sands like a fallen soldier at the end of every week (duh) but unfortunately, can't hold itself for too long.
I decide that I am not going to live my life in thick, ugly tracksuits with a certain word studded across my butt (even though I know I am going to end up in them). Honestly speaking, I love experimenting. I feel like one should not stick to certain clothes/outfits/styles (ugly tracksuits alert- i don't know how that happened but I see it every winter). Instead, they should experiment with their clothes and other people's also. For example, the uneven jacket in the following outfit is my mum's. Lulz. Oftentimes, I wear my dad's over sized graphic tees with leggings and boots and of course a leather jacket- which should be a staple in all our closets (that's the only reason I look forward to winters). I like to keep my outfits laid back yet presentable. 
Outfit details- Dress: LBD, Jacket: Mother's; Random black leggings; Boots: Zara; Ring: Youshine



  1. Those boots are the bomb :D

  2. The jacket dude! So pretty! I want!!!

  3. Love the boots and cardi! I have such a similar piece and its the same pattern but it's not as long as yours!


  4. Hi Aishwarya! Nice blog out there. Love the way you have styled the cape, relaxed and chic at the same time.
    Hope to see you at


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