Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hidden Bruises

The unrealistically high expectations the society and the consequences of it all

When I was a child of seven
My grandmother said to me
"your hair isn't as long as hers"
When I grew a little
 she said, " you are not as tall as her"
When I grew older, she told me,
"You don't score as well as her".
She thought she was helping me.
But she killed my confidence
She killed me.

When I was a girl of thirteen
they bullied me
They told me I was a boy
They told me I was not thin
They told me I was a loser.
They thought they were being funny
But they wrecked my self esteem.
They wrecked me.

Sick and tired,
I covered my bruised self esteem
A facade of a sort.
I hid it from the world then
I hide it from the world now. 

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