Monday, September 1, 2014


It's been a while. What's up? 
So, college started a month ago and I am studying English and French. College has made me productive and pretty damn overconfident. The one thing I am really happy about is the fact that I am not lazy and distracted like I was six months ago. I feel like I wasted 2013 being in a perpetual state of laziness. But now, I know what I gotta do. And I gotta do what I gotta do. 
Moving on to the outfit...
I was saying something to ze mother okay ._.

Wearing: Uneven peplum top- thrifted; Rugged jeans; Leather jacket & Sandals- Zara; Yellow Clutch-; Sunglasses- Asos

I bought the white peplum top from one of the thrift shops in Sarojini. I hadn't been there in a year until last week. Those horrible sheer clothes were enough to make me swear off thrift markets forever. But last week I was on the lookout for clothes for my best friends for our Freshers' so we ended up at the great ol' Sarojini Nagar. The market did have some good stuff, surprisingly. So if you're in the mood to shop- go ahead. Don't forget to take an umbrella though.
I used the leather jacket more like an accessory because it is still very hot and a leather jacket in this bitchass bipolar weather (tropical country, ya'll) is a nightmare. But when you slide into your four year old jeans, glide the zipper up and button them without squeezing your stomach in, you say to yourself, "F***.THE.WEATHER".
Moving on, white sandals/shoes can be worn at any point of the day or night which makes them extremely versatile. So investing in a pair of white shoes/sandals is a good idea all together.
What do you think?



  1. Good to have you back. Love the top. I saw the heels in Zara but they didn't have my size 😭😭

  2. Love your clutch and glasses. ♡♡

  3. I liked ur look its super cute...
    Would u like to follow each oter on GFC and G+??
    I just followed u.. hope u follow me back..

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