Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Usual

When I said that life would become easier after my board exams, I was lying because I am currently caught in the web of entrance exams. It's all basic stuff but when you have an encounter with math after two whole years (and if you are me), you're bound to cry yourself to sleep every night. The saying "The more you run away from something, the more it runs behind you" is quite true in my case. 
It doesn't end here. Results come out in a week and I'm extremely anxious and those who ask me about it make it worse. 
Anyway, for this post I decided to get out of the house (after what? 3 years. Weaow). This is what I came up with after filtering through about forty five pictures. Majority of them had this elder person in a white shirt photo bombing and basically killing my vibe. 
 Special thanks to mum for clicking these snaps. It's her birthday tomorrow, by the way! :D

This is the closest i can get to what i usually wear during the summer months. I avoid layering but when the weather is pleasant, i do throw a thin jacket on top if required. I have styled this denim jacket in one of my previous posts also. Check it out here.



  1. Hi Aishwarya, you look gorgeous! You bring old memories of exam and all the feelings attached to it back. Oh actually not really. Just a few months ago I had an exam myself :) Driver license…(I am a late bloomer :)))) Anyway, it was terrifying and also throughout the university it was no fun at all. However, the feeling you get after each PASSED exam is worth all the shivering….

    Wish you luck <3 <3
    Love from Vienna,


  2. You look great! Best wishes to your mum:)


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