Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I am the worst when it comes to shopping. All those who have ever gone out shopping with me always end up asking me, "Why the hell are you so angry?” I get red faced because of the following reasons- a) It looks good on the rack but not on me b) It's either out of stock or it isn't available in my size c) after a point, I get sick of trying clothes on. In short, I do not have patience for malls and stores. This is one reason why I have now resorted to online shopping- God's gift to humanity. 
I want to take this opportunity to introduce to you, ROPOSO, one of the most innovative online shopping websites I have ever come across.

"Roposo" is a play on the word "apropos", which means relevant."
(What a fun word!)

I made an account with the website to see how it works. It is a fully fledged social network. It allows you to make various lists (Just like you do in Pinterest) and add the products you like in accordance with your lists. 

This website has been developed solely for us ladies and only serves products that are the most relevant with respect to our taste needs, recommendations of people and the current trends. From clothing to lingerie, these guys stock everything under the sun. They have categories within categories (E.g. they have around 700 tops and 14 categories within this section only), making shopping easier for you.

 They have partnered with leading shopping websites like ASOS (one of my favorites), Koovs, Done by None, Flipkart, Jabong , Nineteen etc and the products on their website are handpicked.

Roposo has made shopping easier and fun. Also, they‘re hiring. So if you’re into coding or you're a fashion student and looking for a job, you can contact them!


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