Sunday, July 20, 2014

College 101 For Young Men, by Luke Meagher

The following has been written by Luke Meagher, the founder of Haute Le Mode, a street style blog documenting the most fashionable people from around New York City.  
College, for most of us, starts on Monday and now that we've passed school we don't need to wear a uniform. For girls, it is good  AND bad because we get to wear something new everyday instead of wearing the same old boring uniform but then our day usually starts with us repeating the same question, frantically- What do I wear?!!
Now, my knowledge about what boys go through before college starts is mostly limited. I really wonder if boys go through the same dilemma as girls do. Until I can give young men a proper fashion advice, here's Luke's answer to your question "WHAT DO I WEAR?!!" (Do boys really ask themselves that everyday? I'm curious.)
Hello Guys, yes I am taking to the young men who read fashion blogs,
as a student at an all boys high school I see a lot of guys. Beautiful guys who I can’t keep my eyes off of, sorry I’m being slutty. But when I see what those guys are wearing I go from jaw drop to they need a floor to mop. Sorry boys, you are lazy. Yes your sweatpants and ugly nike sneakers are bored, tired, and need some R&R. And your fairy gay mother has some amazing ideas of how you can dress to impress but still be lazy.
Firstly, Air Jordan’s and Roshes are the best way to look “fly” and sophisticated. Your high top Jordan’s # whatever can give you an an edge. Roshes are stylish and they also add a little bit of height. Neither should be paired with cargo pants and anything remotely khaki colored. These sportswear shoes should be kept strictly sportswear. And after the sports wear trend hit Couture Week in Paris, you look anything but Couture if you aren’t in these sporty sneaks. 

So with that said you can also have some great comfortable pants that don’t make you look frumpy and dumpy. Athletic wear has become a big part of the fashion industry as should above. Use this fashion era to your advantage and be comfortable and still look good. Track pants are a must. Whether it is slim fit joggers or the original Adidas track pants, definitely pick up a pair to look slick and comfortable. You could also try to add a little flare and try harem pants, or drop crotch if you don’t mind the diaper jokes.


With the addition of graphic tees into mainstream menswear, there are many shirts that can ruin an outfit. Basic black and white tees are a must, due to their ability to blend in with any outfit. There are many brands such as Supreme and Stussy which also have the ability to polish a look. These shirts have graphics that are noticeable and more street brand. They are affordable and are good quality. These clothes will be with you for a long time. They are a young persons Prada or Givenchy. So remember begin basic isn't the worst you can do.  

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Finally baseball caps. Yes baseball caps, I know you wear them already. But what about pleather or mesh baseball caps? Did you think of that yet? No you didn’t, don’t lie to me. Baseball caps can save you from a bad hair day or just be a great accessory for a man’s wardrobe. Just make sure the rim is flat. “If it isn’t flat, it’ll make you look fat”. I don’t know if that is actually true, I just made it up. But God Dammit Go Buy A Hat!

So now that I have given you the low down on how to dress comfortable and “fresh to death”   I better not see anymore dumpy and frumpy boys.
Luke Meagher, Founder of HauteLeMode

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  1. Guys, I hope this helps you in finding your fashion footing and girls, isn't it nice to just look at some photos of well dressed men sometimes? 80s mens fashion


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