Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Arranged marriage is a concept that is embedded in the Indian Culture. It is a concept that involves a third party choosing the bride and the groom. This concept lost it's relevance post the 18th century globally but it still persists in India.

 BIBA, a leading ethnic apparel brand, recently came out with a beautiful short film which portrays the usual arranged marriage set up in an Indian home that subtly mocks the biased Indian mindset which only expects the woman to prove herself. 
Centuries of conditioning on the part of the society plagued by patriarchy led us to thinking that the physically weaker sex was to be spoken for, decided for, and kept under constant scrutiny. The resulting effect of such a thought process was bound to be adverse. We lost our voice, our control over our own life and our individuality. It was nothing less than stifling. 
But change is the only constant. This change, though, involving equal treatment of women in the society was not an easy one. After decades of struggle against the gender biases created by this plague we call patriarchy and the infamous question posed by our elders, "Log kya kahenge?" some of us have successfully come to a point where we can question these norms and practice our own free will. Our struggle continues. There are still millions of women out there who have been victims of patriarchy and haven't been able to break free from it's stifling hold. 

This powerful digital film by BIBA showcases the gender prejudices when it comes to arrange marriages and attempts to help the woman break free from its stifling hold. This film supports and speaks for the strength that exists within all of us and urges us to speak up.

You can also check it out HERE and HERE

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