Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wild Hair..

My hair looks pretty wild here which is exactly like the state I was in for the past two months. 

On the last day I went with my buddies for ice skating and bowling and basically for all the things cool children do. I should tell you that while ice skating (even though I am pretty darn good at normal skating, y'know), I fell twice on my ass, twice on my face and twice while getting up. I was looking like a scare crow on blades. Couldn't really handle them 'cause I was afraid I was going break my front two teeth. Now that I'm done embarrassing myself, let's move onto the outfit, shall we? 

 Wearing: Top: Thrifted; Bandage Skirt: US '10 Patents: Next 

   Stripes have been a rage this spring and I thought I'd do something... edgy, if you will, for this post. I bought this top from GK, one of the hubs for all the good thrift shopping. I personally love loose tops with fitted bottoms and I couldn't say no to this one. This abstract black and white bandage skirt has been in my closet for the longest time. I had to get it altered a bit since it was really loose for me. Print on print is not really my thing but I like the look of this outfit.

What do you think?  

PS- This outfit has been featured on InFB. To check the whole post out click HERE. 



  1. I love the Zebra Stripes,Its look Elegant and also (if you think people wont notice) love the Nail paint too...

  2. Oooh I so need an bandage skirt in my life.

  3. Looking good...Sorry you hurt yourself so bad, hope your feeling better. MF twitter. :p

  4. love the skirt ! very cute!

  5. Love the monochrome look Aish! And don't you ever call yourself fat again! My brother loved skating as a kid..and I remember falling every single time I tried to skate! At least you're good with normal skating :D

  6. Such an amazingly carried out outfit :)

  7. Love the outfit, Looking beautiful :D
    xoxo <3

  8. Haha Exams ruins everyone's lives, but your hair looks fine to me.
    Love the Bandage skirt.

  9. I actually love your hair here! I love your style, you are so beautiful :)

  10. LOVE all the stripes, this is such a cute outfit :)

  11. love the skirt and u look so cute :)

  12. I love this outfit! Beautiful hair!

    Do you want to follow each other in Bloglovin and GFC?

    Best wishes,

  13. Hottie ALERT!

    Love your hair and the skirt.

    Someone has gorgeous legs. (Don't be creeped out. Chill scenes AK?)



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