Friday, January 25, 2013

The Denim Jacket

I pair a jacket/blazer almost every time I post, especially in winters. I decided to post some tips on how to wear a denim jacket since I'm always wearing it.

Pulling off a denim jacket ultimately comes down to finding the one that fits. When thinking of buying a denim jacket, think of what you'l be wanting to wear it with and what kind of a look you're looking to construct. Please do not and I mean DO NOT dress like Lil Wayne and be all "young mulla babay". No.

Tips (for females AND males): 

  • Now, I know that denim on denim was quite a rage in 2012 but I suggest that you don't "double up" on denim. If you're wearing a denim jacket, that means, no denim jeans, and definitely no denim shirts.

  • If you want to mix denims, mix up the washes. Eg) extremely dark wash jeans and a faded shearling -lined (sheep wool) jacket.

  • Girls: Try pairing your jacket with a pair of leather pants or a bodycon dress. Boys: Try pairing it with a stiff pair of khakhis and a dress shirt for a casual Friday look. 

  • Though more versatile than given credit for, the denim jacket is still something of a niche piece. A time, place and a personal style climate is required to pull it off.

  • Please buy one for a look and buy according to your needs.

  • Don't wear your jacket too often, unless you want to known as "that denim jacket girl/guy", WHICH is a terrible, terrible thing to be known as. ;)

I hope my tips help you. :)

Aishwarya :)


  1. Love the post! I recently wore a denim jacket with a dress, will be on the blog shortly :D

  2. Great Tips!!! and yes being known as a girl wearing a denim jacket is not a great My favourite way of wearing the denim jacket is with a girly dress.

  3. Love denim jackets! Combine it simple with white
    Pants and its perfect xx


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