Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something Isn't Right.

Something isn't right. I can't describe it but something, I feel, isn't right at all.

Everything is fine, says my oh-so- calculative mind. It's almost emotionless, like a boulder, sitting on my head. The weight of this boulder is more than I can handle. I focus on my heart instead, that sits right here, in the centre of my chest. As light as a feather. I can't feel it. Something Isn't right, it says. It tells me- don't make me feel something that isn't genuine because I'm sick of that mask you put on. The mask of happiness and contentment. We both know it's the opposite. It asks me to deal with it with compassion

I did shoot (in a very very unprofessional manner) for an outfit but the pictures didn't turn out as I expected them to be so I just edited them a bit.

WEARING: Black top, White military silk jacket, black DIY Jeans, Black patent pumps.

I hope this edit didn't affect your vision. :P

I always come back to black. I bet black is a common favourite. (DUHH!)  Even though I kind of adore this top, I could never pair it with anything but my cool shorts until I came across these (DIY-d) jeans (and the jacket too). I am really bad at handling my things (read: closet). These faded black jeans popped up when I was rearranging my closet. Even though I was absolutely bored of wearing these, I wanted to keep them. I ripped them a bit and gave them a biker look. Ladies and gentlemen, NEVER did I wear them once, until yet again, I was brought back to square one- rearranging my closet (I really hate doing this shit) and I found them. Let's fast forward to the cool part- I wanted to do something even cooler to them so I pinned these extra large safety pins.
Yeah, this is where the story ends. 



  1. I do read your blog, Aishwarya and I know it happens with us sometimes.

    The outfit pictures look amazing. You look really beautiful!

  2. It's absolutely okay to feel like this. I go through these phases a little too often. But that's the beauty of life na..its a roller coaster ride! Things get better ALWAYS! feel better soon!

    I love the jeans! It's so you! And the jacket..I want!

  3. Aw girl. It's okay to feel that way. Hell some of us have made it beyond our teenage years and still feel this way. That says something, right? It will pass. It always does. Eventually.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  4. Ahh, its all good cause it happens to every one of us.
    And btdubs, I love love loveeee the jacket and how chic it looks - you dont posh beckham, you're pretty awesome by yourself you know :)

  5. WOW girl!
    Love the white jacket and the DIY is great!
    Pretty chic.

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  6. Everyone has those times. Believe it or not, I have depressing days at LEAST once a week. For me, it's because I strive for so much and still don't know where I'm going/ what I'm doing and it's frustrating - everyone has their reasons for feeling 'not right', but it shall pass! Stay strong, beautiful :)


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