Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photoshop: Is it's use creating an unrealistic standard of beauty in our society?

I stumbled across this video a few weeks ago. I was shocked at the way even a small speck on one's face could vanish in seconds.Technology has taken another big turn giving you this as a product. Now the question is- is it good or bad?

They wake up and look just like you and I. Pictures clicked and videos made are edited making them look extraordinarily good. They just have big bucks to hire professionals who can make them look very different and well good. They are bound to get more hair and skin problems than an average woman. This is because of the amount of chemicals that are used on their skin and their hair.  

(Kim Kardashian)
(Pamela Anderson)
An estimated 60 percent of all people between the ages 10 and 35 have skin outbreaks at some point. So do you think professional pictures and videos of celebrities and models show their real self? It is sickening how photoshop which is perhaps a boon for many but for the majority it is doing nothing but creating unrealistic standards of beauty which is extremely saddening.
Here is one rough estimate- 97% of media is run by men, for some odd reason. These unrealistic standards of beauty are majorly created by men and honestly, I could take this debate to another tangent but I will certainly leave it for some other day.

(a model)
We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic standards of beauty. Shouldn't the entertainment industry embrace and encourage natural beauty? If someone looks a certain way, then why not show the world the REALITY instead of keeping them restricted to mirrors?
The beauty standards are raised to such heights that it creates a sense of insecurity among those who are unaware of the fact that these "beautiful" women are actually just a creation of those people who expect the beauty standards to be in fact very, very high. What do YOU think? 


  1. Adore. Great post on media's distortion of beauty. And the saddest part is that we, mass consumers of images, beauty products and other paraphernalia, don't discerningly consume. The problem lies within us consumers as much as it does to those who propagate these images! x

  2. This is one of your best written posts!
    I agree with you in every bit on this one.
    so well written
    keep it up

  3. So glad you brought this point up. It's ridiculous just how distorted the idea of beauty is. It's crazy to think that 100 years ago, any woman with extra fat around her midsection and thighs was considered sexy AND actually was desired to be painted and photographed nude.

  4. Such a well written,compact and bounded post and not to forget very apt !!!

  5. Well written post. Photoshop is just changing how the world looks at beauty. Nothing natural left!

  6. Great Post! You hear the media mileage and it had taken everyone by storm! We live in the world of plastics!


  7. So true Aishwarya! Photoshop is merely creating unrealistic goals for few since they think the photoshopped version is the real picture!


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