Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's on, you guys!

Trend report for Summer 2012, I guess?

Lace, Cut outs and Pastels are going to be seen around the most this summer.

You can see Cut outs on dresses by Louis Vuitton to Plazzos in local market places in Delhi. Florals are most common. You can also find raw material of this cloth in Chandini Chowk, Khan Market and other places where you may find raw material (New Delhi). This design has been restricted to borders only which is one drawback but i hope they start bringing out the design all over. Or i hope the stores start bringing in outfits made of this material.
Other than Maxis, jumpsuits, crop tops etc.. the cut out cloth has been used to make collars which is pretty rad. We need metal collar tips please! Talking about Cut out i'm kinda really into the Leather and Plexiglas Sandals by Versace. But right now, i can only gawk at them for hours because puppy dog faces won't really melt my Ma's heart. (MOMS.)
The ones i like are actually in grey and pink but they look just like this. (Source- google)

Some pictures from Louis Vuitton's Spring Summer 2012 collection at the Paris Fashion Week-

Lace has been on outfits.. AND SHOES TOO. <3 From tops, jumpsuits and dresses, lace has made it's way to shoes too. I was pretty observant of the arrival of lace in the market and i noticed that lace has maintained it's position since Autumn 2011. And this summer, it IS going to be seen around A LOT. Mark my words friends- lace is going to be around for a longass time and you're going to love it.

This one is from Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2012 collection. 

From nail polishes to blazers, lowers, uppers (caps, tops, shirts et al) pastels are everywhere. Pastels may not be as big as Lace and Cut out but there are going to be bits and pieces here and there. I hope the Indian markets and buyers welcome shades of pastel with open arms because dude, WHAT BLAZERS! Though we wouldn't be needing blazers in summers in the scorching heat, but still, just saying. So dear readers, let me know where i can find the awesomeness. 

Image Source: Google

Aishwarya. :)


  1. I am in love with the shoes! Totally hot but a bit too high for me although I love wearing high heels.

  2. I love the collection where they're photographed on the merry-go-round horse ride! (:

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  3. I loved the Marc Jacobs for LV! So fairy tale! BTW, just saw ur tweet about what to do after school? I am writing my answer as 140 characters would be short for that:-)
    Have you thought of going into Fashion Journalism? I graduated form IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass comm) and worked with Zee News before moving to US. You obviously have talent for fashion and writing, why not combine the two for a career? Or you can go for Fashion Merchandising where you can start as a buyer for a company and build your way up to start ur own line/retail stores etc?
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  5. Lace and flowers. It is going to be a good summer. Xxxx

  6. what a great blog!!
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    You really doing a great job here - xoxo theri


  7. Oh, LV and carusels was just amazing, like a fairy tale come true!

  8. i like so much your personal style.


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