Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Paris-Bombay Collection // Karl Lagerfeld

The whole collection was stunning: pearl beaded Nehru jackets were layered over sari-draped dresses and slim leather churidar trousers. I loved how diamonds were hanging from the tikka's/matha patti's (Ornate Headpieces) The jewelry was really paid attention to since it is such an integral part of our culture. Also, I noticed how Lagerfeld played with the footwear. Models were wearing differently styled flats in each foot. It was lovey to see men in Nehru jackets with a "Pagdi" (A long piece of cloth used to drape the head) draped on their heads.
 I saw the video and the pictures -both. I bet you all must have seen the pictures so here is a LIVE sit-at-home kind of Fashion show for you -

-Aishwarya :)


  1. Ugh. The collection was brilliant. It's HUGE that a design house like Chanel is actually doing an Indian collection. I want to cry with happiness. He probably didn't mean any harm when he made that comment but I guess he really doesn't have any idea about what it's like here.


  2. Wow! The collection is soooo great. I love Indian accessories. This collection is really to die for! =)

  3. gotta love Chanel. I love the Indian inspiration behind this.


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