Monday, October 10, 2011

Interview: Janera Rose, Celebrity Make-up and Hair Stylist

Hello there, everyone.
In this post i got the privilege of interviewing a celebrity Make-up and Hair Stylist Janera Rose. She has some AMAZING skills. She was born and raised in Baltimore and now resides in Brooklyn NYC. When she was a kid she was given the nickname "Hollywood" for her glamorous behavior and her unique style. I got to meet her, yet, on the internet, on IFB (the hub of all the fashion bloggers) and she turned out to be sweet as hell. 

Q) What are your hobbies?

A) Roaming NYC streets, Missing my parents, Singing, Playing Piano, Dancing, Reading, Writing,Listening to Music, Wannabe DJ'n, studying my craft, practicing my craft, thrifting and people watching like a true creeper. Basically Somewhere laughing and loving life while sipping something fancy and Creating opportunities. Keyword: Creating. Did I mention "Being Fabulous"?! Oh ok. Add that too.

Q) When do you turn 16?

A) Chile I'm grown. Early 20-Something going on late 40 something.

Q) What is your favorite color?

A) Gold. Cuz all that glitters...

Q) What's your favorite quote?

A) God has a plan for me I have faith. My friend John tweets this daily and I now live by IT.

Q) When did you first start practicing your profession?

A) I was about 19 traveling to and from Maryland to NYC for gigs. It all happened so fast and by accident but on purpose. I just like ended up here and now I can't get enough. I think someone told me it's called "Destiny."
Yeah about that...

Q) What/Who inspired you to become a make-up artist?

A) Madame CJ Walker is my biggest inspiration. First African American female in the beauty industry to become a Billionaire. That in itself...Speaks wonders what hard work can do. I'm also inspired by beauty. All creations of life are beautiful. And I honestly just want to be the BEST and that's inspiration enough in it's self. I'm actually really inspired by myself. I didn't know I had it in me. I really didn't.

Q) Being in the Fashion industry, what is YOUR perception about it?

A) "FuFuLa" as I call it. I absolutely LOVE what I do but this industry is so over saturated with folks who just wanna be...and end up wannabes. I don't wanna end up like that. Thus I do my job stay true to who I am and won't let the industry conform into a robot like most. Fashion can bring many amazing opportunities (Working NYFW,traveling,meeting amazing people, Fabulous photo shoots & such) but I don't want to be stuck in just fashion. My artistry is diverse in many industries within the beauty field.

Q) Who is your fashionspiration?

A) I really enjoy Pat McGrath. She's an African American makeup artist. One of the best who has broken barriers and opened doors for younger artist like myself. Google Her.

Q) Did you ever think you'd be a celebrity Make-up artist, when you were in school?

A) No Idea. I always said I wanted to move to NYC.I always said I wanted to be in the "industry" but never knew where these dreams came from. It's funny how God plants amazingness in your DNA. You may not understand the dreams he gives you at first but it's no mistake how I ended up here. I've been doing this for yearssss. Hobby turned successful career. I'm still shocked how this all played out. But I know it's no mistake.

Q) Who all have experienced your skills?

A) I wish I could *insert resume credits here* Chile Ive done soo much in such a short time. Where do I begin?  I've had many new publications this year (2011) alone... Like - EssenceMag  ; EbonyMag ; VibeMag ; TimeOutNYMag "Most Stylish NewYorker" and a host of tv features including ABC ; VH1 ; MTV ; BET  ; Bravo and my list goes on. TimeOutNY had to be one of my biggest this year. Of all these millions of people in NYC I'm the Most Stylish NewYorker?! Really?! Pinch ME!!

Q) What has your biggest accomplishment been so far?

A) My Website and Blog. I can finally show people who I am better than I can tell them :) I put my all into THEM!! My Babies.
New layout and port coming 1.1.2012

For more information, you can check out her website-


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