Thursday, January 19, 2017

Uncluttered- Faces

A cluttered mind cannot produce quality thoughts. Isn't it? That's probably why I haven't updated this space in the longest time. Do you want a life update, though? I am going to keep the monotonous details (including a failed attempt at creating something new on the internet) to myself and give you the meat.
In December 2016, my brother and I took a ten day long trip to the hills. I clicked a few decent pictures up there so I thought I'd post them here. Constructive criticism is definitely welcome.

I haven't written in eons so it is going to take me some time to get back into the groove. There is a slight change in the format, though- I won't be blogging about fashion anymore. If you're still following this blog, thank you! Lots of good vibes and love coming your way. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Between Mock Presentations

Wearing: White Top: Charlotte Russe (Similar top on Jabong- HERE); Black bell bottom pants- Marks and Spencers; Sequinned Jacket- Bling Struck's own; Sandals: Zara; Rings: Forever 21

I  am a sucker for formal clothing- anything from solid bell bottoms to dresses that mean business. A string of mock presentations in the past few months are responsible for this obsession. Unfortunately, my routine is such that I hardly get the chance to wear my black bell bottoms and that is probably the reason why you will either see me in a Kurta-Salwar or my football jersey. That is all that I do- go to college in the morning and yell profanities at the TV at night when Barca loses.

Photography: Alice S Tigga (she's the best!)
                    Check out her work here


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Confronting My Loneliness

The first time I came to terms with loneliness was years ago, in school. I remember being so afraid to confront it that I pushed it aside and refused to come to terms with it again for quite a long time. It was such an eerie feeling and the very idea of loneliness scared me shitless. I was in denial for a very long time. I always thought of loneliness as a sickness which was more mental than physical that would eat me alive and leave me friendless if I ever gathered the courage to confront it. 
I found myself feeling left out and lonely even around people. I couldn’t relate to most of them and sadly I face this problem even now. I was never alone yet I felt lonely. My coping mechanism was very weak perhaps because I was a mere teenager dealing with different emotions all at once- hating on life and society.. wondering why am I the target every time. What kind of a target, you ask? Well, I have been very vocal about certain issues I feel we all face at some point in our life.
I was at the brink of a breakdown a few months ago. In December, to be precise. I did not have anybody to talk to and I did not know what I was going to do about it. This is exactly the time I decided that I had to woman up! I had to accept and embrace the fact that yes, I am a lonely person. What was I going to do about it? That was the first step.
As I started to spend more and more time with myself and my thoughts in general, I found that running away from this monster that I had created in my head was futile. I began thinking about what I want from life, from people… from myself. The first step i.e acceptance led me to dive into the realm of loneliness. It was nothing less than meditation considering I came out a changed person.

Once you are well aware of yourself and your surroundings you stop “feeling” lonely because hey, you have YOU! And no one can be a better friend/lover/whatever you want to call it, than YOU, duh. When I realized this, I did not feel the fear being a lonely person or the constant need to be around people. And if I can do it then anyone can!

*Edited* - 23/7

So, I have always been a sucker for over sized clothing. I found this tee shirt on the paved streets of Janpath, the infamous tourist spot for beautiful Indian souvenirs, junk jewelry, thrift clothing and whatnot! I fell in love with it at once. I have a special place in my heart for super cool graphic clothing so I had to pick this one up. There is this misconception that the color white makes curvy women look big. Honestly, it doesn't. You'd look as normal as you do in a pair of blue jeans. It just highlights your curves- which is not a bad thing, right?!
The choker is doubled up rosary beads that belong to my mother and the shoes were a steal from Zara, two years ago!

As you can see, I have finally moved out of my backyard. The pictures were taken by my lovely friend from college Alice S Tigga. Do check her work out on instagram here. I hope you're having a great day! 

Aishwarya x