Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Manish Arora Inspired

WEARING: Blazer and Necklace (thrifted), Leather Pants- Zara, Shiva T-shirt- Janpath, Boots.

Coming back to the post, I decided to do something that involved a bit of Manish Arora. As we all know, Manish Arora did a myriad of prints for Fall Winter 12/13. In the preceding years, the inspiration he has received has been from psychedelic art which has now grown in all directions. Taking his imagination to another level, he has showcased the jungle that exists in OUR MIND. It's HIS thing. Printed t-shirts, I feel can never go out of fashion. Take Prabal Gurung for example. He, too, last season came out with some super rad tee shirts that had psychedelic prints. 

I have been asked about this jacket, time and again. IT IS THRIFTED GUYS!