Tuesday, December 25, 2012

For Shits and Giggles

How I trolled myself-


I.. I just came out of the kitchen. I was ma... trying to make a ch.. cheesecake. It was my first time, guys. It was the first time I was making one. It turned out to be salty. Very salty.


I'm a big foodie and  I love cooking so much that when I twirl, I become Nigella. *cue for ma'peeps to laugh*
To skip 2 hours of immense boredom (books) I decided to make a no bake cheesecake today. Since it was the first time I was making one, I was happy. I prepared a list of all the things I needed and scratched out those items that I already had. 
Skipping and hopping like a rabbit, I went to the market to buy the remaining items. As I was coming back, I caught a curious dog gawking at the brown paper bag in my hand. I stared right back at him until he looked away. Smh. 

*fast forward*

I put the crust in the freezer, whipped cheese to soften it a bit, added all purpose cream to it, whipped it again and added sugar to it. I then tasted it, it was salty. I kind of freaked out and added shitloads (3 big spoons) of sugar to it. I whipped it again and tasted it. Um.. let's just say, my taste buds died. I was in a fix. I didn't know what was happening until I tasted the white powder in the transparent box. It was salt. It.was.salt. IT WAS SALT. My tongue was numb and my eyes were wet. Wiping my tears, I ran to the fridge to check on the crust. I tasted it and yes, it was salty. Salty as hell. 

I mistook salt for sugar. I freaked out. I didn't know what to do with the batter. I was more worried about my mother's reaction. Mothers become a nightmare if they come in contact with wasted food.

She scolded me. I cried and apologized. We tried to improvise on the batter but we couldn't save it.


Guys, mom gave me another chance to prove myself- too dramatic? Whatever. The batter was perfect and I deserve a pat on my back. Most importantly, I tasted the white content in the trans-p box before I added it to the crust and the batter. It is in the fridge now. YAY!

Anyway, check out what I wore-

 Wearing: Animal print top, random black top, jeans, Clutch: Accessorize, Military boots, Golden Cuff: thrifted

A snake print top is all you need to fight the winters! I absolutely love the faux fur details on the side. Don't you? Gear up, guys. Keep yourself warm. :)

Merry Christmas! x

Aishwarya :)