Tuesday, May 15, 2012

W For Women- Event

Second of all- 151 FOLLOWERS ON THE BLOG. OMG. *SPAZ* NHGHSGSILHDFGJGDF *back to normal*

I was invited by W for Women to style a model (the first human being I ever styled, other than myself). Also, their new collection was drool worthy. Before I start boasting about how I was gloating over their collection, let me tell you, I was accompanied by Komal K of The Delhi Fashion Blogger and Shaily Khera of Confessionz of A Closet. (THEY ARE SO SWEET. :D) Also, you must have read what they had to say.
This cliche about W being for women with no particular taste and interest in westerns but only in Indians shouldn't be believed anymore. Honestly, before I visited their store for this event, I never really knew that these guys did westerns also. And such beautiful Indian and contemporary pieces. W, I realized has my style of clothing- simple yet chic and sophisticated and that is how I also dressed my model. (HERE)
Check some snaps out:

Aishwarya. : )