Friday, January 20, 2012

Should We Really Wait For The Good Things To Come To Us?

Should we really wait for the good things to come to us? Honestly, I have stopped waiting for things to happen. All the wait does is kill time. Time which will never come back. Do things right then. Who invented this phrase? Perhaps some lazy, vacuous, hypocritical and inane idiot. Guys, don't just sit there waiting for a miracle to happen. If you want to make it happen, go for it.

               "The fruit of waiting is exceptionally sweet."

Seriously? You will wait for the fruit to become sweet? Insane. You keep waiting and it will rot. Stop WAITING for the right time to come. The right time is NOW. You don't know what's going to happen in the next one hour, what's waiting going to get you? 

Time doesn't wait for anyone, yet we can't get our lazy asses off our beds and do our jobs. But, come rain or shine, we should be in our call of duty, permanent. No matter what, we should spend our time doing something or the other to get to our goal, and not wait. Wait is going to annoy you, irritate you, piss you off.


Getting to ze post, this is what i wore-

Wearing: Both the tops: Lycra high neck black top and Green uneven top (American Dream). Long coat: Vintage, Black military heels, woolen stockings- thrifted.

It's a vintage coat that actually belongs to my grandmother who was kind enough to pass it on to me. Yay! 

Aishwarya :)