Saturday, June 25, 2011

Often Imitated NEVER Duplicated: Rihanna

With her bewitching voice, Rihanna at 23 literally OWNS the music charts and has starred in her first Hollywood film. She is a role model to millions of girls out there. People could kill to have her voice, her style, her... well, everything. Everything about her is so special. Red hair curves intact, her playful badass self. She is daring and that is what I love about her. She is not afraid to change. In fact, she embraces change so beautifully! 
"Perfect gentlemen could turn into eye popping, lip-smacking cartoons of their former selves practically tripping over one another as she would walk pass them!" As Jonathan Van Meter describes the way she literally kills them with the way she struts, in the latest edition of Vogue India. Her body is to die for. She has got the curves. And buddy, you can only have them if God is too kind to you or else you have got to work hard for it. The "Umbrella" hit maker is one of the most fashionable people ever. There is something different about Rihanna. Her aura is enchanting. She is opinionated and is not afraid of voicing her opinions. "She became a star before she became an adult.Her nature is to protect herself" her label chairman and CEO LA Reid said.
At the age of seven,she realized she had what it takes to become a singer. She would sit her friends down and start running around with a hairbrush for a microphone. She would pretend like she was making videos. Well now, after sixteen years, she has millions and millions of fans, a microphone instead of a hairbrush in hand and has so many successful songs and music videos!
Further, talking about her album Rated R which was released in 2009, which she co-wrote is largely about her relationship with Chris Brown."It was darker, edgier and more aggressive. I can't come out singing happy songs if I'm not happy.But I quickly found peace in myself. I just kind of shut down from that"she says to Jonathan Van Meter."I just let it go. I don't ever want to have to depend on a relationship. I think it's a really special thing to find love. It's beautiful! But I want to make sure that I find out others things in life that I love"
The blazer seems to be inspired from Michael Jackson's in his video "Thriller", eh?

With Karl Lagerfeld

The Barbadian beauty showed off her unique Fashion
sense in her signature red locks and a sheer striped dress!

Only Girl (In the world) Video shoot.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Presenting: Bling Struck

I am starting this blog because I have grown up in a world where not only clothes, accessories, handbags etc.. have been embraced but writings have been paid attention to, too. I've been writing short stories ever since I am a 7 year old child digging into her mama's stash of magazines and books. I was learning then, I am learning now.

Perhaps fashion is not my passion, but it surely intrigues me. I surely am aware of the fact that it's not only reading the fashion magazines that make you a "Fashion Blogger". There is much more to this term which I want to learn in the upcoming months. 

I love Christian Louboutin and as stated in my bio, I want to own 5 pairs of Loubies by the time I'm 20. Karl Lagerfeld is my idol. He is my idol because when he took over Chanel in the 80s, Chanel did not have to look back. His determination, his confidence, his work- he is my inspiration. And one day, I would surely like to do what he did. 

Until then.. I'm Bling Struck, are you? ;)